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“We held our wedding reception at the Northstar Ballroom last summer, and we would definitely recommend them to anyone! Leslie, the manager, was so sweet and helpful and accommodating with everything from catering and setup recommendations to being super flexible with our scheduling for checking out the space, setup and cleanup. It’s a charming old-timey venue that hardly needs any decoration. There are all kinds of interesting nooks and crannies that give you creative options for using the space. We had a very tight budget, but we still wanted to throw a great party and it was important to us to find a space where we could bring in our own food and drinks, and be able to stay late and not worry about noise restrictions. The Northstar fulfilled all of that and our guests totally loved it.”
– Beth V.

“I had my wedding at the Northstar Ballroom in May and we had a fantastic time. The Northstar is basically just a great big room with wood floors and an old-Portland feel. They also have a full bar and a huge downstairs, to accommodate any bar tending/catering that might be needed for your event. Growing up in Portland made this the perfect place to have our ceremony/reception.”
– Mike S.

“We chose the Nortstar Ballroom for our wedding in September 2011 and it was the perfect choice. We were looking for a laid-back venue where guests could relax and have a good time. We also had a tight budget and the Northstar worked perfectly for allowing us to customize the day with food, beverages, and decorations to suit our taste. The venue itself had old-school charm and beautiful details that were perfect for the feel we wanted for the big day.”
– Cate K.

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